• Arabic Modern Standard 3L/3R, Levant 3L, Egyptian 3L, Saudi 3L, Sudanese 3L, Iraqi 3L, Yemeni 3L.
  • Led a team of six individuals as Command Language Program Manager, oversaw and managed the administration of 120 individuals with language skills, maintaining their training and testing, built standard operating procedures for workflow and management of the program.
  • Requested by name to provide language assistance and advice to multi-Agency efforts.
  • Served with 1st armored division, Fort Bliss, Texas, in the intelligence cell, with duties as primary linguist, was responsible for ensuring quality control and assurance of documents translation as well as mentoring, research, leading meetings, reporting and analysis during operation Inherent Resolve CENTCOM forward 2014-2015.
  • Over 600 hours of Tradecraft classes, Basic Leadership Course, Military Cryptologic Continuing Education Program Phase 01, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and TDNA Certified.
  • Military background helped understand and build foundation for team work and understanding the capabilities can be brought on table with the cooperation of teams with multiple skills, with knowledge in business management and lean six sigma to help business form a good standard operation that is precise.


  • Knowledge in management and building a good process, especially in building a team with valuable skills, the native speaking capabilities included in our team helps identify the language talent in the hiring process.
  • It provides our clients the safe of mind, that any task they assign us to do, will be successfully done in exceeding the standard manners
  • Maintain high standard in the recruiting of talents and providing team that will make client task completed no matter what difficulty they face, problems will be solved in creative way, and on time.

Past Performance

  • Conversant native speaking linguist certified in seven different Arabic dialects, translated foreign language materials into English and issued SIGINT reports to high-level customers that influenced them in decision making.
  • Utilized technical analysis, native knowledge of language and societies customs helps in highlighting discovery priorities, set goals and make final determination of its importance.
  • Analytical and creative thinking abilities to reach his purposes, analyze targets behavior using various tools within the Analytic Modernization toolset.
  • Ability to produce accurate translations into idiomatic American English which reflect the author’s/speaker’s style and conveys subtleties and nuances
  • Ability to correctly convey information about interpersonal relationships and attitudes, abstract concepts, and complex grammar and syntax
  • Ability to comprehend material in the required language that includes idioms, colloquialisms, subtleties and nuances, emotions, and attitudes.

Special Accreditations or Awards:

TDNA Certified






  • 541511
  • 541930
  • 541990


  • R423
  • R415
  • R608
  • R607

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